Church Garage Winchester, Winchesters local garage.

Servicing & Repairs

We have full servicing and repair facilities which allow us to service or repair all manner of vehicles.

We can also maintain your service schedule for new cars whilst maintaining warranty by using original parts (OEM) as part of the work. This allows you the peace of mind to have a fully serviced and warranted vehicle, but at a fraction of the cost!

All work is agreed, and anything extra found during servicing or repair, then it is discussed (and can be viewed) before any further action is taken.

All vehicles are serviced according to manufacturers specifications.

As a very basic guide, below you can see some of the items checked during different service intervals:

Service Schedule Item Oil Service Interim Service Full Service
Pre Service Road Test
Are Any Warning Lights On? Check Check Check
Seatbelt Condition / Operational Check Check Check
Handbrake Lever Operation / Travel Check Check Check
Steering Operation Check Check Check
Clutch Operation Check Check Check
Engine Noise / Performance / Operating Temperature Check Check Check
Brake / Steering (Vibration / Pull / Noise) Check Check Check
Transmission Noise / Operation Check Check Check
Engine Operating Temperature Check Check Check
Speedometer Is Working Check Check Check
Electrical and Lighting
Horn Operation Check Check
Front And Rear Side And Main Lights Check Check
Indicators / Hazard Lights Check Check
Fog And Number Plate Lights Check Check
Brake And Reverse Lamps Check Check
Ancillary Items
Windscreen Wiper Operational / Condition Check Check
Windscreen Washer Operational / Alignment Check Check
Windscreen And Mirror Condition Check Check
Steering Column Security Check Check
Pedal Rubber Condition Check Check
Fuel Cap Condition / Type Check Check
Door Locks And Hinges Grease Grease
Battery / Charging Systems
Battery Terminals Clean Clean
Battery Electrolyte Level Top Up Top Up
Battery Security Check Check
Battery Charge Test Check Check
Car Raised
Engine Oil Change Change Change
Engine Oil Filter Replace Replace Replace
Oil Leaks Check Check Check
Gearbox / Differential Oils Top Up Top Up
Fuel Line Condition / Leakage Check Check Check
Driveshaft Gaiter Condition Check Check
Steering / Assembly (Wear & Play) Check Check
Suspension / Steering Grease Grease
Suspension Mountings / Springs Check Check
Shock Condition / Mounting Check Check
Exhaust System And Mountings Check Check
Wheel Bearing Play Check
Under Bonnet
Power Steering Column Top Up Top Up Top Up
Auto Transmission Fluid Top Up Top Up Top Up
Cooling System Condition Check Check Check
Coolant Anti-Freeze Strength Top Up Top Up Top Up
Washer Bottles Top Up Top Up Top Up
Clutch Fluid Top Up Top Up Top Up
Clutch Hydraulics / Cable Check Check Check
Lubricate Throttle Linkage Check
Fan Belt / Auxiliary Drive Belts Check Check Check
Distributor Cap And Rotor Check
Fuel Filter Check
Fuel Filter (Diesel) Drain Drain Replace
Spark Plugs Replace
Glow Plugs (Diesel) Check
Air Filter Replace
Crankcase Breather Hoses Check
Brake Fluid Condition Test
Brake Fluid Top Up Top Up Top Up
Tyre Inspection (All Tyres)
Tread Depth Check Check
Tyre Condition Check Check
Tyre Pressure Check Check
Pads (Front and Rear) Check Check
Shoes (Bonded or Riveted) Check Check
Discs / Drums Check Check
Calipers / Cylinders Check Check
Pipes And Hoses Check Check
Clips And Springs Check Check
Final Road Test
Servicing all manner of vehicles both new and old!